As a culminating task for this course, reflect on your own beliefs, expectations, and practices.

  • Why does an understanding of the five dimensions of ICT integration matter? What does it help you to understand about the program you are delivering?
  • Where are you on the four-step scale of digital learning capability? Where do you want to be, and when?
  • How are fairness, respect, and recognition addressed in a digital learning environment?
  • How can you best provide differentiated instruction in an online course with your students?
  • What tools and resources can be used to help you in dividing your time among students? Which are most important? Which are most readily available?
  • What strategies take best advantage of opportunities to build student engagement?
  • What activities should the teacher invest the most time in that are not already provided for in the course materials and online tools?
  • Why do you think authentic assessment is important and what things would you do to ensure it happens?


Copy the questions into a one- or two-page document and answer each with a few sentences or one or two paragraphs. When you have completed the work, upload a copy of your responses in MS Word format (.doc or .docx) using the tool provided below.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will be returned to the course Home where you will be able to view and print your course completion certificate. Please keep a copy of this certificate as verification of course completion.